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HB/ZHB Welding Positioner

HB/ZHB Welding Positioner

Parameters of HB Welding Positioner

Model HB3 HB6 HB12 HB20 HB30 HB50 HB80 HB100 HB150 HB200 HB300 HB500
Rated Loading (kg) 300 600 1200 2000 3000 5000 8000 10000 15000 20000 30000 50000
Rotating Speed (rpm) 0.2-2 0.1-1.1 0.1-1.1 0.09-0.9 0.08-0.8 0.07-0.7 0.06-0.6 0.06-0.6 0.05-0.5 0.05-0.5 0.04-0.4 0.04-0.4
Tilt Speed (rpm) ≈0.9 ≈0.8 ≈0.5 ≈0.4 ≈0.3 ≈0.15 ≈0.15 ≈0.14 ≈0.14 ≈0.14 ≈0.1 ≈0.1
Worktable Diameter (mm) ¢600 ¢800 ¢1000 ¢1200 ¢1400 ¢1600 ¢2000 ¢2000 ¢2200 ¢2500 ¢3000 ¢4000
Max. Eccentricity (mm) 150 150 200 250 250 250 200 200 200 200 200 200
Max. Gravity Center Distance (mm) 200 250 250 300 400 400 400 630 630 630 630 800
Worktable Tilting Angle 0-120°
Rotating Motor Power (Kw) 0.37 0.37 0.75 1.1 1.5 2.2 2.2 3 4 5.5 7.5 11
Tilting Motor Power (Kw) 0.37 0.55 1.1 1.5 2.2 3 4 4 5.5 7.5 11 18.5
Rotating Diameter at 90° (mm) ≤1000 ≤1500 ≤1570 ≤1900 ≤2300 ≤2600 ≤3000 ≤3100 ≤3400 ≤3400 ≤4200 ≤5700
Speed Control Way VFD

Yangtong Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a specialized welding positioners manufacturer from China. Our HB welding positioner uses the power overturning and rotation to make the work-piece at the correct position. The working table can tilt for certain angle and revolve unlimitedly at any titling angle. The HB welding positioner can be used for pressure vessel, metallurgy, electrical power, chemical industry, mechanical and metal structure. Our welding positioners are popular due to high quality and durability. Our company is engaged in offering superior quality welding machines to the customers.


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