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Crocodile Mouth Fit-Up Workstation

Crocodile Mouth Fit-Up Workstation

1.The main structural parts of this crocodile mouth type fit-up welding rotator are tempered after welding, and then through sand blasting treatment and fine machining.
2.The sand blasting treatment is up to 2.5 grade, and the painting includes the epoxy zinc rich primer, epoxy MIO paint and polyurethane top paint. The paint film thickness is not less than 90 um.
3.This fit-up welding rotator adopts electro-hydraulic proportional valve and displacement sensor for precision control, ensuring the even distributing of error edge.
4.This crocodile mouth type fit-up turning roll employs human-machine interface and touch screen operation, which is quick and convenient.
5.This fit-up welding rotator also can be equipped with monitor system
6.There is CO2 welding system or SAW welding system at the end side
7.This crocodile mouth type fit-up turning roll is driven by electric motor, the speed is controlled by inverter, which is linkage controlled with transportation turning roll.
8.Compared with the traditional fit-up welding rotator, the efficiency of the crocodile mouth type fit-up turning roll can be improved by 80%.

Firstly, please put the two sections of the tubes on the turning roll groups and fit-up welding rotator separately, move the crocodile mouth into the seam of the shell, and start the hydraulic device. The seam gap and edge error can be adjusted through the hydraulic push device, four hydraulic cylinders and the axial motion of crocodile mouth. Then the positioned welding is done.
Secondly, please release the hydraulic device, rotate the work-piece, adjust the hydraulic cylinder again, and continue the tack welding again. Do like this and until finish one circumference. After finishing the tack welding, the work-piece is transported through the pushing and uplifting of the crocodile machine and elevation roller as well as coordinating with the motorized traveling fit-up welding rotator. After finishing all the fit-up, the pole is transported to the next flow by the traveling crocodile mouth type fit-up turning roll for the inside and outside ring welding and ultra-sonic test.

This crocodile type fit-up workstation includes: crocodile type fit-up welding rotator, fission type turning roll, and transition type turning roll, feeding conveyor, hydraulic system, CO2 welding system and electric system. This workstation can combine with the movable type turning roll. It can realize the fit-up of shells, shell and flange and the tack welding.

Yangtong is a professional manufacturer and supplier of fit-up welding rotator from China. Our main products include CNC cutting machine, beam welding line, welding equipment and wind tower production line. The welding laboratory and physicochemical testing room are built for new product development and test as well as user training. Our crocodile mouth type fit-up turning roll is manufactured according to ISO9000 quality system. Additionally, we use ERP to manage the sales, design and production process.

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