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  • Self-Alignment Turning Roller

  • Founded in August 1985, Wuxi Yangtong Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional welding turning roll manufacturer and supplier in China. Our main products include cutting equipment, beam welding line, welding equipment and welding wind tower production line. This self-alignment turning roller equipped with stepless speed regulating device has a wide adjustment range and high precision. With high bearing capacity, this welding turning roll revolves without shaking and has a long using life....

  • Bolt-Adjustable Turning Roller

  • As a professional turning roll manufacturer in China, we offer self-alignment turning roller, bolt-adjustable turning roller, screw- adjustable turning roller and anti-drifting turning roller for customers. This welding machine can fulfill the purpose of reducing labor intensity and guaranteeing welding quality. Our bolt-adjustable turning roll has advantages of stepless speed adjustment and low noise transmission....

  • Screw-Adjustable Turning Roller

  • We are a professional welding rotator supplier in China. Besides screw-adjustable turning roller, we mainly offer CNC cutting machine, beam welding line, H-beam production line, straightening machine, box-beam welding line, welding machine, milling machine, welding turning roll, welding manipulator, welding positioner and so on. This screw-adjustable turning roller can assort different kinds of automatic welding or manual welding. Our welding rotators can lessen welding labor and enhance productivity....

  • Anti-Drifting Turning Roller

  • The anti-drift turning rolls are used for welding the thick-wall and narrow gap shells. They are also used to prevent the work-piece from drifting axially. Adopting radial movement or adjustment, this anti-drift turning roll has advantages of compact structure, nice appearance and small correction power. The anti-drifting accuracy is ≤±2mm. As a turning roll manufacturer and supplier, we also have self-alignment turning roller, bolt-adjustable welding rotator and screw-adjustable turning roller for sale...

Welding Turning Roller

1.Anti-drifting accuracy is ≤±1.5 -2 mm, and this swing type anti-drift welding turning roll is first designed and manufactured by our company.
2.This welding turning roll is controlled by frequency inverter, and the linear velocity is displayed by the digital.
3.Metallic roller, rubber roller and PU roller are available for this welding rotator.
4.The operation control way consists of control box and remote panel, which is easy for operator. Also there is interface, which can be linkage control with welding manipulator.
5.The users can choose different types of welding turning roll and roller material according to the size of work-piece and technological requirements.
6.Our welding machines have received ISO 9000 and CE certificate.

The welding turning roll is mainly used for the welding, sanding, line with rubber and assembling of cylinder. It can be divided into self-alignment type, adjustable type, moving type and anti-drift type. Our welding rotators can be designed and manufactured according to customers’ requirements.

Product Categories of Welding Turning Roller
1.This self-alignment turning roller is suitable for welding, polishing, rubber lining and assembling of cylinder. This welding rotator can achieve automatic adjustment according to the size of the cylinder.
2.Bolt-adjustable turning roll has advantages of stepless speed adjustment and low noise transmission. This welding turning roll is suitable for assembling, burnishing and welding pipe, containers, pressure vessels and other cylinder.
3.This screw-adjustable welding turning roll is used to weld circular and longitudinal seams of barrels, pressure containers and other cylindrical objects. This welding rotator is easy to adjust the center distance by lead screw.
4.Anti-drifting turning roller has single uplift, double uplift and swing type. It can be linkage controlled with welding manipulator and welding machine.

Type of Payment
1.Contract comes into effect, 30% down payment paid by T/T, 70% balance payment paid by T/T before delivery of this welding turning roll.
2.Please open 100% irrevocable letter of credit at sight immediately when the contract becomes effective. 

Besides welding turning rolls, we also provide CNC cutting machine, welding manipulator, welding positioner, beveling equipment, edge milling machine, steel structure production line as well as welding wind tower production line. As a professional manufacturer and supplier of welding turning roll in China, we implement strict quality control system to ensure the quality and stability of our welding rotators. We will train the manager, operator and serviceman to make sure that the customers can use the welding turning rolls successfully.

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