Cutting Machine

This CNC cutting machine is mainly used for geometry shape or strip cutting on sheet metal. With the functions of CNC plasma, CNC flame and strip flame cutting, this cutting equipment is suitable for cutting carbon steel, stainless steel and Aluminum. Our cutting machines make great improvement in many aspects, including working efficiency, humanized operation, transmission precision, process technology, appearance quality as well as basic configuration.

CNC Flame/Strip Cutting Machine

This CNC flame cutting equipment not only can be used for strip cutting in batch but also for shape cutting. The whole machine adopts welding structure and double shaft cores rails. This multi-head vertical strip flame cutting machine features in stable structure, easy operation and high transmission precision.

CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

This CNC plasma cutting equipment is mainly used for geometry shape or strip cutting on metal. It is developed based on the plasma cutting technology both at home and abroad. This CNC plasma cutter can be equipped with American Hypertherm, American Thermadyne, Germany Kemper and domestic plasma sources. The CNC plasma cutting machine can adopt different types of plasma cutting

CNC Underwater Plasma Cutting Machine

1.This CNC plasma cutter has a water level of cutting platform. Please charge the water bed by opening the fan blower through gas valve before cutting, then the water level will rise rapidly.

CNC Fine Plasma Cutting Machine

1.This twister fine plasma cutter has better vertical cutting degree in comparison with the normal plasma. 2.The CNC plasma cutting machines have good smooth finish of cutting surface 3.The quick-wear parts have long service life 4.Our CNC fine plasma cutting system can avoid the secondary processing.

Steel Structure Production Line

As a professional manufacturer of beam welding line, we are the only enterprise participating in compilation of national welding steel structure standard. We are the first one to get the ISO9000 and CE certificate in the field. In 1992, we developed and manufactured H beam welding line. In 1997, we firstly put the H-beam automatic steel structure production line into market.

H-Beam Production Line

The H-beam production line can be divided into semi-automatic line and automatic line. The semi-automatic line can operate separately and the work-piece transportation is realized by overhead crane. The flexible semi-automatic H-beam welding line can add machines in different stages to enhance production efficiency.

H-Beam Assembly Machine

This H-beam assembly machine is mainly used to spot welding and assembling the cut plates to H-beam. It is also suitable for manufacturing both light duty and heavy duty steel. This H-beam automatic assembling machine consists of main frame, transportation conveyor, hydraulic pump station, CO2 welding power and electric control box.

H-Beam Welding Machine

The H-beam welding machine is developed by our company based on specificity of H-beam fillet welding and years of experiences and technology in welding equipment. This H-beam automatic welding machine consists of main frame, carriage unit, mechanical tracking device of welding gun, flux recovery system, electric system and SAW welding machine.

H-Beam Flange Straightening Machine

This H-beam flange straightening machine is specially designed for correcting the deformation of welded H-beam. Our H-beam production line can be widely applied in the fields as metallurgy, steel structure, hydraulic machinery, industrial installation as well as other industries.

Mechanical Straightening Machine

There will be certain degree of deformation on flange of H-beam after welding. This mechanical straightening machine is specially designed for straightening this kind of deformation. It can be widely used in many fields such as metallurgy construction, metallic structure, hydraulic machinery and industrial installation.

Hydraulic Straightening Machine

During the process of H-beam welding, the flange plate will produce bending deflection due to the heat caused by welding. H-beam hydraulic straightening machine is a kind of special equipment used to correct the flange plate distortion.

H-Beam Cleaning Machine

This H-beam shot blasting machine is a kind of automatic shot blasting and cleaning equipment of continuous conveying roller type. The H-beam shot blasting equipment can be used for surface cleaning and strengthening of H-beam, steel plate and structural member

H-Beam Workstation

The beam welding machine integrates the function of the assembling, welding and straightening on one combination machine. This H-beam combination work station is the special equipment used for H-beam assembly, welding fabrication and welding distortion treatment

Box-Beam Production Line

Box-beam production line realizes streamline operation of complete procedure from load material, assembly, back welding, electroslag welding, tandem-twin welding and facing. This box-beam welding line is an initiative of our company. It can be divided into semi-auto production line and automatic production line.

Box-Beam Assembling Machine

This box-beam assembling machine is the dedicated equipment for assembly and welding of intermediate baffle. There is positioning device on the work table, which can be shifted along the table according to different work-piece sizes, so as to ensure precise positioning during baffle assembly and avoid welding deformation

U Box-Beam Assembling Machine

This assembling machine is mainly used for the U-beam and box-beam assembling. The plate is placed on the bracket with auxiliary centering device. This beam assembly line uses electric motor drive to make the gantry travel. The upper press cylinder and side press cylinder can press the plates to finish the assembly and tack welding.

Tandem Twin Gas-Shield Backing Welding Machine

This welding equipment is used for tandem-twin CO2 back welding of assembled box-beam. With fast speed and high efficiency, this gas shield welding machine can reduce the man-made influence. The work-piece is sent to working position after being assembled

Cantilever Welding Machine

This cantilever welding machine adopts vertical type electro-slag welding, which can weld the inner baffle and around plates more reliably. This welding production line consists of column-boom frame, electro-slag welding power and electric control cabinet.

Automatic Welding Machine

The automatic welding machine is composed of trolley, column, beam, welding arm, welding-gun mechanical tracing unit, flux recovery and disposal system, pneumatic system, electric system and SAW machine.

End Face Milling Machine

The end face milling machine mainly consists of facer, elevation column, worktable, lathe bed, mechanical feeding unit, electric control system, rail-guard unit and milling tools

U-Rib Welding Production Line

With the increasingly development of large steel structure bridge project, importance on automatic manufacturing of bridge-face U-stiffer welding production line is growing day by day because of the large demand and high requirements about productivity and welding quality.

U-Rib Edge Milling Machine

1.This edge milling machine can mill the work-piece with thickness up to 160mm 2.Ten pieces of plates can be machined together in stacking manner with great efficiency. The width of the plates is between 400mm and 1000mm, the length is 18m.

U-Rib Assembly Machine

This assembly machine is composed of gantry, carriage unit, welding torch mechanical tracing device, electric control system and CO2 pipe array system and upper gantry. This assembly equipment is mainly used for the U-rib CO2 gas shield welding of bridge-face plate.

U-Rib Multi-Head Welding Machine

1.Assembled plates fixed on the welding platform which can tilt to some angle. 2.This welding machine utilizes mechanical tracking device to make the welding torch follow the welding seam reliably. 3.This multi-head welding equipment adopts VFD (variable frequency drive) speed adjustment. Our welding machine can weld both sides of U-rib respectively.

U-Rib Straightening Machine

This straightening machine is used to carry out flame straightening for the U-rib panel, which will be distorted inevitably due to heat input after welding. Our straightening equipment mainly consists of main frame and electronic control system. The main components adopt international famous brand.

Welding Equipment

The welding machine is required apparatus used to achieve welding technology. Our welding equipment includes welding manipulator, welding turning roller, welding positioner,beveling equipment and edge milling machine. Our company is the largest professional enterprise for manufacturing complete sets of welding equipment in China

Welding Manipulator

The welding center consists of welding manipulator, automatic arc-submerging welder (or CO2, TIG welding machine, narrow-gap SAW, strip surfacing machine), the welding turning-roll and welding positioner. This welding equipment can weld metal vessels and metal welding structure by various welding methods.

Welding Turning Roller

The welding turning roll is mainly used for the welding, sanding, line with rubber and assembling of cylinder. It can be divided into self-alignment type, adjustable type, moving type and anti-drift type. Our welding rotators can be designed and manufactured according to customers’ requirements.

Self-Alignment Turning Roller

Founded in August 1985, Wuxi Yangtong Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional welding turning roll manufacturer and supplier in China. Our main products include cutting equipment, beam welding line, welding equipment and welding wind tower production line

Bolt-Adjustable Turning Roller

As a professional turning roll manufacturer in China, we offer self-alignment turning roller, bolt-adjustable turning roller, screw- adjustable turning roller and anti-drifting turning roller for customers. This welding machine can fulfill the purpose of reducing labor intensity and guaranteeing welding quality

Screw-Adjustable Turning Roller

We are a professional welding rotator supplier in China. Besides screw-adjustable turning roller, we mainly offer CNC cutting machine, beam welding line, H-beam production line, straightening machine, box-beam welding line, welding machine, milling machine, welding turning roll, welding manipulator, welding positioner and so on

Anti-Drifting Turning Roller

The anti-drift turning rolls are used for welding the thick-wall and narrow gap shells. They are also used to prevent the work-piece from drifting axially. Adopting radial movement or adjustment, this anti-drift turning roll has advantages of compact structure, nice appearance and small correction power

Welding Positioner

This welding equipment includes the tilting, lifting type, head and tailstock positioner, horizontal rotary type and double-rotation positioner. The work-piece stays in the best position for being welded or assembled by the means of elevating, rotating and overturning the working bench.

ZHB Welding Positioner

Yangtong Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a specialized welding positioners manufacturer from China. Our HB welding positioner uses the power overturning and rotation to make the work-piece at the correct position. The working table can tilt for certain angle and revolve unlimitedly at any titling angle.

SHB Bench Top Welding Positioners

As a lifting welding positioners manufacturer and supplier in China, we are engaged in providing high-quality welding machines to our clients. This lifting welding positioner can be lifted up and down to adjust the height. This welding machine adopts stepless frequency converter in order to achieve best welding speed.

HBS Double Bed Welding Positioner

The double bed welding positioner is designed and manufactured for the purpose of obtaining higher stability and carrying capacity. This welding equipment is suitable for the welding of large-scale and heavy type work-piece. The maximum diameter of worktable can be 5000 mm.

THB Head and Tail Stock Type Welding Positioner

Founded in August 1985, Wuxi Yangtong Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional welder positioner manufacturer and supplier in China.

SB Double Column Welding Positioner

This double column welding positioner has powered tilting and revolving functions, which can keep the work-piece in a correct position. With electric control panel and remote control box, this welding positoner is convenient for users to operate.

L Double Revolve Welding Positioner

This double column welding positioner has powered tilting and revolving functions, which can keep the work-piece in a correct position. With electric control panel and remote control box, this welding positoner is convenient for users to operate.

HZT Revolving Table

As a revolving table manufacturer and rotary welding positioners supplier, we sell cutting machine, beam welding line, H-beam production line, box-beam welding line, assembly machine, milling machine, welding manipulator, welder positioner, turning rolls as well as other welding equipment.

Beveling Equipment

This beveling equipment includes pipe beveling machine and chamfering machine. Adopting advanced technology, our welding machines are adjustable to fit multiple pipe sizes for your cutting and beveling needs.

GPC-115 Pipe Beveling

This pipe cutting machine is the necessary equipment for the tube cutting and beveling. The pipe beveling machine can be used in the steel tube, boiler, chemical industry, construction, vehicle and the other mining industries.

GD-20 Chamfering Machine

This chamfering machine adopts the principle of rolling shear to cut the edge of the steel plates according to the angel needed, and to obtain the groove for welding

Edge Milling Machine

This edge milling machine is used for the manufacture of boiler, pressure vessel, shipbuilding, power plant, petroleum, chemical industry and construction machinery. The milling equipment can be divided into fixed upper press-beam type and movable upper press-beam pattern. This edge milling machine is the ideal replacement facility for edge planer.

Fixed Upper Press-Beam Edge Milling Machine

This milling machinery is a kind of advanced high-efficient milling equipment for processing groove of the plats before welding. The fixed upper press-beam edge milling machines consist of machine bed, stationary press beam, milling part, hydraulic pump station and electric control system.

Movable Upper Press-Beam Edge Milling Machine

This moveable upper press-beam edge milling machine is synchronized two-side or triple-side milling equipment with high efficiency. The press beam can move backward wholly from the worktable, easy for loading and unloading of work-piece.

Welding Wind Tower Production Line

Currently, the wind tower industry is under development. The welding equipment lacks of performance of the complete set in the domestic and overseas. The productivity should be improved. In accordance with this situation, our company develops this wind tower welding line

Wind Tower Equipments

Seam Welding Machine

This seam welding machine is used for inside and outside longitudinal seam after the coiled vessel is transported to the screw-adjustable turning rolls. This seam welder consists of welding manipulator, lead-screw adjustable turning roll and SAW welding machine.

Base Flange Welding Equipment

Our flange welding equipment includes flange fit-up platform and flange welding machine. They are the important components of the wind tower welding line. Adopting beam welding, our flange fit-up platform has the advantages of firm structure and good stability. This flange welding equipment adopts lead screw uplifting adjustment system, easy for operation.

Flange Fit-Up Platform

This flange fitting-up machine is mainly used for wind tower production line. Adopting beam welding, this flange fit-up platform features in firm structure and good stability

Flange Welding Machine

This flange welding machine is used to accomplish inside and outside circular seam welding. The shell needing weld flange connection is moved to flange fit-up platform for assembling and spot welding

Fit-Up Welding Line

We offer two kinds of fit-up turning rolls for customers, there are hydraulic fit-up welding rotators and crocodile mouth type fit-up turning rolls. With powerful technological force and production capacity, our welding equipments are complete in specifications, numerous varieties, complete sets and product serialization.

Hydraulic Fit-Up Turning Roll

The turning roll is composed of roller carrier, hydraulic pressure device and control system. The wheel core of the four rollers adopt cast-iron clad with PU material, the friction ability can be increased

Crocodile Mouth Fit-Up Workstation

Firstly, please put the two sections of the tubes on the turning roll groups and fit-up welding rotator separately, move the crocodile mouth into the seam of the shell, and start the hydraulic device. The seam gap and edge error can be adjusted through the hydraulic push device, four hydraulic cylinders and the axial motion of crocodile mouth.

Column Welding Manipulator

The welding manipulator is the auxiliary equipment for seam welding. The assembled vessels are transported to the welding area of inside and outside circular seam, and this welding manipulator will do the inside and outside welding for the joint circular seam

Turning Roll

Our turning rolls are composed of one driving and one idler bolt adjustment welding turning rolls and control system. We offer sand blasting turning roll and painting welding rotator for customers. The electric cabinet of our welding turning roll selects double layer cabinet frame design.

Sand Blasting Turning Roll

1.As special equipment, the electric control box of this welding turning roll adopts double layer cabinet frame design. 2.All connectors apply protection treatment, which can ensure the safety operation and also can greatly improve the seal capability and avoid damaging the electric components by the powder and paint mist in bad working condition.

Painting Turning Roll

1.As special equipment, the driving motor of this welding rotator adopts explosion-proof electric machine, its electric control box is designed with double layer cabinet. 2.All connectors are treated by anti-exploding technology, which can ensure the safety operation and also can improve the sealing .