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Welding Manipulator

Welding Manipulator

1.The stand column and cross arm are made annealing treatment after welding. Therefore this welding manipulator has high intensity, little deformation, reasonable structure and long service life.
2.Cross-section of boom and column is calculated scientifically. Drooping of boom along horizontal travel is 2mm/m
3.The structure of this welding manipulator can be divided into stationary, stationary with rotation and moving with rotation.
4.The boom lifting device adopts anti-falling system. With ratchet structure, it makes this welding equipment more safe and reliable.
5.Elevation retraction adopts VFD, which will be stable and reliable during welding
6.Equipped with motor-driven cross-shaped micro-adjusting mechanism, it is convenient for the welding gun to adjust in a small range when this welding manipulator is welding.
7.Control roller has eccentric shaft, which can be decrease clearance between roller and rail
8.This welding equipment has motor-driven and manual drive column revolve.
9.The heavy and super heavy duty welding manipulators are equipped with platform, which is convenient for operators to observe and weld at closest position.

The welding manipulator is used in the pressure vessel, freezing equipment, construction of power station, metallurgical, engineering machinery, marine building, cladding of rolled rollers and petro-chemical industries.

The welding center consists of welding manipulator, automatic arc-submerging welder (or CO2, TIG welding machine, narrow-gap SAW, strip surfacing machine), the welding turning-roll and welding positioner. This welding equipment can weld metal vessels and metal welding structure by various welding methods.
The welding center can realize the integrated control. Also there are the welding tracking and monitoring system, arc oscillating unit, the arc length control, flux auto-feeding and recovering system for option. This welding manipulator has four types, including light duty (LHQ), medium duty (LHZ), heavy duty (LHW) and super duty (HCJ).

Parameters of Welding Manipulator

Model Light Duty (LHQ) Medium Duty (LHZ) Heavy Duty (LHW) Super Duty (HCJ)
2 × 2 3 × 3 4 × 4 5 × 5 6 × 6 7 × 7 6 × 6 8 × 8
Effective Elevation Stroke (mm) 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000 7000 6000 7000
Effective Retraction stroke (mm) 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000 7000 6000 7000
Elevation Speed (mm/min) 1000 1650
Retraction Speed (mm/min) 120-1200 50-1000
Min. Distance between Boom Lower Surface and Rail Surface (mm) 740 (Moving with Rotation) 690 (Stationary with Rotation)

1109 (Moving with Rotation)

972 (Stationary with Rotation)

1109 (Moving with Rotation) 1090 (Stationary with Rotation)

1226 (Moving with Rotation)

1180 (Stationary with Rotation)

Max. Allowable Load of Boom Front End (kg) 80 120 200 600 400
Column Rotation Manual Rotation ±180° Motorized or Manual
Trolley Moving Speed (mm/min) Manual 1700 2500 2000
Trolley Inner Rail Span (mm) 1000 1730 2000 2500

Type of Payment
1.Contract comes into effect, 30% down payment paid by T/T, 70% balance payment paid by T/T before delivery of this welding manipulator.
2.Please open 100% irrevocable letter of credit at sight immediately when the contract becomes effective. 

As a specialized welding equipment manufacturer and supplier in China, we sell plasma cutting machine, welding manipulator, welding turning roller, welding positioner, beam welding line, assembling machine, straightening machine, welding machine, turning roll and so on. Till now, our company has more than two hundred sets of advanced modern processing equipment, Mitsubishi pentahedron machining center, the Italian Baima 8*24m CNC floor type boring and milling machine, 8m CNC vertical lathe, 1000T CNC bending machine and 2.2m steel plate pretreatment line. If you need our welding manipulator, please contact us.

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