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H-beam Welding Machine

H-Beam Welding Machine

1.This H-beam welder adopts one-button drive, and the gantry frame and welding machine can be synchronous running.
2.Frame travels by frequency conversion control, stable driving and simple operation.
3.This H-beam welding machine is equipped with mechanical type tri-axial tracking system. It  not only can meet the minimum 140mm ×140mm H-beam welding, but also can be used for cross beam with following specifications: the depth of welding seam should be less than 500mm, and the width of open between flanges should more than 150mm.
4.With unique designed arc guiding rack, this H-beam welding machine can satisfy the small size steel and cross beam welding.
5.The H-beam welder adopts chain and sprocket mechanism. The welding arm can float up or down to make tracking welding line according to the plainness conditions of work-piece. Through the dead weight of welding arm and arc guiding rack to make arc guiding roller press the work-piece tightly.
6.The tracking system equipped with fine adjustment device can guarantee the precise position of welding gun and avoid the phenomenon of deviated welding.
7.This H-beam welding machine has back and forth welding function, which can save the time and improve productivity.
8.The wire spool rack has the merits of simple operation and wide scope of application, suitable for 50—350KG wire spool.
9.Our H-beam welder owns mature and stable flux feeding and recovery system. The overload and short-circuit protections of recovery motor adopt ABB breaker which is reliable and superior.

The H-beam welding machine is developed by our company based on specificity of H-beam fillet welding and years of experiences and technology in welding equipment. This H-beam automatic welding machine consists of main frame, carriage unit, mechanical tracking device of welding gun, flux recovery system, electric system and SAW welding machine.
The H-beam welding machine can be divided into LHA gantry type, LHT double cantilever type and LHC cantilever type. LHA gantry type has middle control and side control two types for options. This H-beam welder adopts AC variable frequency control to realize back and forth welding. Our H-beam automatic welding production line can operate smoothly and reliably. Special designed arc guiding rack can satisfy the welding requirements of small H-beam and cross beam.

Parameters of H-Beam Welding Machine

Model Rail Span (mm) Control Way Web Height (mm) Flange Width (mm) Suitable Work-Piece Length (mm) Welding Speed (m/min) Machine Power(Kw)
LHA 4000 Middle Control 160-1200 140-800 4000-15000 0.24-2.4 9
Side Control 160-1500
5000 Middle Control 160-2000 9.7
Side Control 160-2000
5500 Middle Control 160-2200
Side Control 160-2500
LHT 1600 Middle Control 160-2500 9
LHC 1150 Side Control 160-2000 4.6 (Without Welding Machine)

Packaging and Transportation
1.Main frame is packed in nude, electric control box and welding power packed in plywood case.
2.Transport by truck and sea.

We are a professional manufacturer and supplier of H-beam welding machine in China. Besides H-beam automatic welding machine, we offer H-beam production line, H-beam assembly machine, box-beam assembling machine, CNC plasma cutting machine, welding machine and welding wind tower production line. Our company adopts the international advanced management mode and operates according to the ISO9000 quality system. If you need our H-beam welder, please contact us.

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