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  • Wind Tower Equipments

  • 1.The best process flow design, equipment configuration and production ability analysis will be provided for our clients.
    2.We offer the whole wind tower equipment, foundation guiding, installation, debugging and training for operator.
    3.We also provide the manufacturing regulations of the wind tower production line and the welding technology guidance for customers.
    4.We upgrade the existing wind tower equipment of the customers...
  • Seam Welding Machine

  • As a seam welding machine manufacturer and supplier in China, we accomplish scientific and standard management to ensure high quality seam welders. Our main products are CNC cutting machine, H-beam welding line, box-beam production line, steel structure production line, wind tower welding line as well as various kinds of welding equipments. Our seam welding machines are popular in the United States, Canada, Russia, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Iran, UAE and Brazil....
  • Base Flange Welding Equipment

  • Our flange welding equipment includes flange fit-up platform and flange welding machine. They are the important components of the wind tower welding line. Adopting beam welding, our flange fit-up platform has the advantages of firm structure and good stability. This flange welding equipment adopts lead screw uplifting adjustment system, easy for operation. Additionally, our flange welding machine enables to accomplish inside and outside circular seam welding. This kind of flange welding equipment is composed of welding manipulator, SAW welding machine and tilt welding turning roll. ...

  • Flange Fit-Up Platform

  • Yangtong is a specialized flange welding equipment manufacturer and wind tower production line supplier in China. Besides flange fitting-up machine, we mainly offer cutting machine, seam welding machine, flange fit-up platform, H-beam production line, column welding manipulator, beam welding line, welding machine, assembling machine, edge milling machine, welding positioners and turning roll. Our flange fitting-up...
  • Flange Welding Machine

  • As a professional flange welding machine manufacturer and supplier in China, we provide a series of welding equipment for our clients, such as flange fitting-up machine, seam welder machine, flange fit-up platform, welding manipulator, beveling machine, edge milling machine, welding positioners and turning roll. When installing and debugging the flange welding machine, we will cooperate with the professional and technical personnel to make on-site instruction in order to ensure the quality of the installation. If you need our flange welding machine or other welding equipment, please feel free to contact us...
  • Fit-Up Welding Line

  • We offer two kinds of fit-up turning rolls for customers, there are hydraulic fit-up welding rotators and crocodile mouth type fit-up turning rolls. With powerful technological force and production capacity, our welding equipments are complete in specifications, numerous varieties, complete sets and product serialization. The hydraulic fit-up turning roll consists of roller carrier, hydraulic pressure device and control system. The welding rotators feature in big load capacity and good rigidity. It can realize simple operation ...

  • Hydraulic Fit-Up Turning Roll

  • The electrical components, hydraulic parts, motor and reducer choose well-known brands, such as Mitsubishi and Yaskawa Inverter, Mitsubishi PLC, ABB circuit breaker, Italy AToth hydraulic valves, Taiwan linear guide, SKF or Wahaluo bearing and EGS flame retardant cable. Our production processes and hydraulic fit-up turning rolls meet environmental requirements. We accomplish scientific and standard management to ensure high quality turning roll...
  • Crocodile Mouth Fit-Up Workstation

  • This crocodile type fit-up workstation includes: crocodile type fit-up welding rotator, fission type turning roll, and transition type turning roll, feeding conveyor, hydraulic system, CO₂ welding system and electric system. This workstation can combine with the movable type turning roll. It can realize the fit-up of shells, shell and flange and the tack welding. Yangtong is a professional manufacturer and supplier of fit-up welding rotator from China. Our main products include CNC cutting machine, beam welding line, welding equipment and wind tower production line. The welding laboratory and physicochemical testing room are built for new product development and test as well as user training...
  • Column Welding Manipulator

  • We are a professional welding manipulator manufacturer and column beam welding machine supplier in China. We have received ISO9000 certificate of quality system and CE certificate. With the registered capital of 60 million RMB and more than twenty years experience, we focus on the scientific and technological progress and the development of column beam welding machine. We will train the manager, operator and serviceman to make sure that the customers can use the welding manipulator successfully. We offer pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale services for customers...
  • Turning Roll

  • Our turning rolls are composed of one driving and one idler bolt adjustment welding turning rolls and control system. We offer sand blasting turning roll and painting welding rotator for customers. The electric cabinet of our welding turning roll selects double layer cabinet frame design. As special welding equipment, our turning rolls are configured with explosion-proof motors. All connectors are processed through anti-exploding technology and protection treatment, which can ensure the safety operation and also can improve the sealing performance...

  • Sand Blasting Turning Roll

  • 1.As special equipment, the electric control box of this welding turning roll adopts double layer cabinet frame design. 2.All connectors apply protection treatment, which can ensure the safety operation and also can greatly improve the seal capability and avoid damaging the electric components by the powder and paint mist in bad working condition. 3.Mechanical device of this sand blasting turning roll adopts polyurethane wheel used for supporting the fake flange of work piece during sand blasting. 4.The pedestal and welding turning roll base are specially designed in order to avoid sand pileup and revolving parts being damaged when sand blasting...
  • Painting Turning Roll

  • Description: This welding rotator consists of one driving and one idler bolt adjustment welding turning rolls and control system.
    Yangtong Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional welding rotator manufacturer and painting turning rolls supplier in China. Our company adopts the international advanced management mode and produces our welding rotators according to the ISO9000 quality system. Additionally, we use ERP to manage the sales...

Welding Wind Tower Production Line

Currently, the wind tower industry is under development. The welding equipment lacks of performance of the complete set in the domestic and overseas. The productivity should be improved. In accordance with this situation, our company develops this wind tower welding line. This wind tower production line features in lower labor strength, little crane occupied, small area occupied and high productivity per unit area.

Advantages of our Wind Tower Production Line
1.We offer the customers the best process flow design, equipment configuration and production ability analysis.
2.We provide the complete sets of the wind tower production line, foundation guiding, installation and debugging as well as training for operation.
3.We also provide the manufacturing regulations of the wind tower welding line and the welding technology guidance for customers.
4.We can upgrade the existing wind tower production line of the customers.
5.The whole wind tower welding line has been exported to Pakistan.
6.Our wind tower line has obtained ISO9000 and CE certificate

Composition of this Wind Tower Production Line
1.This wind tower line uses CNC flame cutting machine for plate cutting.
2.Coiling machine is used for rolling forming of single shell and shell rounding. This equipment can be purchased from our cooperated company.
3.Welding manipulator and screw-adjustable turning roller can be used for longitudinal welding.
4.This wind tower welding line has FZD flange fit-up platform for flange assembly
5.Welding manipulator and tilt welding turning roll are applied to flange welding.
6.The hydraulic fit-up turning roll and movable type welding turning roll are adopted to accomplish section to section assembling.
7.Our wind tower production line utilizes welding manipulator to make circle seam welding.
8.This wind tower welding line employs dedicated welding turning rolls for sand blasting and painting.

When choosing this wind tower production line, the customers must provide the length of total tower, the sections of this tower, the minimum and maximum diameter of single vessel, the length and weight of single vessel, annual yield as well as size of workshop.

Type of Payment
1.Contract comes into effect, 30% down payment paid by T/T, 70% balance payment paid by T/T before delivery of this wind tower production line.
2.Please open 100% irrevocable letter of credit at sight immediately when the contract becomes effective.

Yangtong is a specialized wind tower production line manufacturer and supplier in China. Our wind tower welding line includes wind tower equipments, seam welding machine, fit-up welding line, column welding manipulator and turning roll. We cooperate with the national famous research institution and universities to accelerate the new product development and improve the technological content. We have exported our wind tower production line to the United States, Canada, Russia, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Iran, UAE and Brazil.

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