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Painting Turning Roll

Painting Turning Roll

This welding rotator consists of one driving and one idler bolt adjustment welding turning rolls and control system.

Properties of Painting Turning Rolls
1.As special equipment, the driving motor of this welding rotator adopts explosion-proof electric machine, its electric control box is designed with double layer cabinet.
2.All connectors are treated by anti-exploding technology, which can ensure the safety operation and also can improve the sealing performance. This welding rotator also can avoid the damage to electric components caused by powder and paint mist in bad working condition.
3.With special design, there is metallic groove in the middle of the painting turning rolls used for supporting the fake flange when painting
4.This welding rotator is equipped with remote control technology in order to avoid the electric components exposure in bad working condition.
5.The painting turning rolls can accomplish all kinds of operations by portable remoter control, which is flexible and reliable.

Yangtong Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional welding rotator manufacturer and painting turning rolls supplier in China. Our company adopts the international advanced management mode and produces our welding rotators according to the ISO9000 quality system. Additionally, we use ERP to manage the sales, design and production process. Our production processes and welding equipments meet environmental requirements. Besides painting turning rolls, we also have sand blasting turning roll, fit-up turning roll and welding turning rollers for sale.

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